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Flavors from the sea

Delicious sea harvest, served island style

Is there any better way to enjoy seafood than right out of the sea? From the freshest shrimp, to red snapper and a flaky saltfish, see what makes our seafood truly delectable.

In Jamaica, seafood is a delicious staple. Our Caribbean Sea is abounding with fresh fish, succulent shrimp and tempting lobster. From fine dining, to marketplace delights, our traditional seafood dishes are both healthy and appetizing.

Steamed with crackers, fried, made with escovietch sauce, grilled, roasted or jerked; there are so many ways to indulge in our local catch. It is customary to order side dishes of festival and bammy (cassava bread) with your fish, they are the perfect complement to any seafood meal and since they do not require the use of utensils, it is so easy dig in!

Wait till you get a whiff of our curried lobster, or better yet our coconut shrimp. Infused with local seasoning and spices, be assured this is not your typical crustacean meal. Crab feasts, from curried to garlic butter crab legs, stuff crab back or crab cakes are also on the local menu.

For the adventurous palate there are eel, squid, octopus (sea puss) and even shark dishes too. Our scrumptious jerked or coconut curry seafood could easily tempt any epicure. Sample a real Jamaican conch soup or oysters in spicy pepper sauce, an island twist on these tasty aphrodisiacs.

Jamaica’s national dish is befittingly a seafood specialty known as Ackee and Saltfish. Salted cod is sautéed with Scotch Bonnet peppers, onions, tomatoes and a variety of spices. The cooked and drained ackee is then combined with the sautéed codfish for a delicious treat. It can be served as both dinner and breakfast, with breadfruit, dumplings and fried plantain.

You must try the famous Jamaican pepper shrimp! So flavourful; you can find vendors purveying these treats in bags of pepper sauces along beaches, at the seaside or on the roads. Boiled crab is another readily available street food, especially during April to early September (known as crab season).

Come revel in the fresh local harvest on the island of All Right and explore a myriad of tropical seafood flavors that are uniquely Jamaican. You will not be disappointed.